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Kindly note that no application can be processed by the recruitment team unless it is fully completed and successfully submitted by the applicant.
1. Answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. Leave blank if a question is not applicable. However, all mandatory fields must be completed.
2. Consider each of your answers carefully. Accurate completion of the form will facilitate consideration of your application. It is also your permanent data in our records, when you are employed.
3. Before submitting the application, please review all your entries and confirm accuracy. This application forms and remains the basis of our interactions with you upon assumption of duty.
4. By completing and submiting this form, you have given your consent to our investigation of the accuracy and validity of any claims or statements made in this application.
5. All mandatory fields (left red mark) MUST be completed. Please write Not Applicable where the mandatory question does not apply to you
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I have read and understood the instructions, and I certify that the foregoing answers are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any mis-statement or omission as to material fact will constitute grounds for rejection of my application or for immediate dismissal if already employed. I also understand that any false statement made herein may be punishable by law.

I hereby authorise any duly accredited representative of STEBUK Academy ("the Employer") to obtain any information from schools, residential management agents, employers, referees, criminal justice agencies, or individuals, relating to any activities. This information may include, but not limited to, academic achievement, performance, attendance, personal history, disciplinary, residential, credit, medical, birth and vital records, criminal and domestic court records, and conviction and arrest records. I hereby authorise the release of such by concerned parties upon request by duly accredited representative of the Employer. I understand that the information so released is for official use only by authorised representatives of the Employer as necessary in the fulfillment of official responsibilities.

I hereby release any individual, including record custodians, from any and all liability of damages of whatever kind or nature which may at any time result to me on account of compliance, or any attempt to comply with this authorisation. Should there be any question as to the validity of this release, you may contact me as indicated below.