STEBUK Academy is divided into three strategic governance levels, namely:

  • Executive Committee (EXCO)
  • Advisory Council
  • Board of Directors (the BOARD)

EXCO shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, and policy implementation. It shall consist of:

  • President / Chief Executive
  • Principal / Director, Academics
  • Vice Principal / Director, Administration
  • Vice Principal / Director, Training
  • Head Teachers

Advisory Council shall serve as the “technical and advisory support base” for both the BOARD and EXCO. It shall provide strategic, technical, professional, administrative and operational guidance on the running of the school..

The BOARD shall focus principally on strategy, policy formulation, funding and regulatory matters.

The BOARD shall be assisted by the following committees in its policy formulation and coordination efforts:

  • Academics
  • Strategy, Branding and Infrastructure
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Welfare and Manpower Development
  • Audit, Compliance and Disciplinary

In furtherance to our Corporate Governance commitments, there shall be policies guiding the conduct of our “community” (i.e. Staff, Students, Parents and Visitors), as well as ensuring compliance with all applicable safety, regulatory and statutory provisions. For instance, there shall be policies on Bullying, Attendance, Conduct of visitors, Individual permit / license, Giving and receiving of gifts, Home lesson engagements, Conflict of interest, etc.